Stuff About Me

As the more quick-witted amongst you will have gathered, my name is Laurie.  However, if shouted at the right volume or in the right tone of voice, I will respond to almost any name that begins with an ‘L’.  My plumber has been calling me Larry for the last two years and, so far, we have encountered no communication problems.

I am a London-based travel and landscape photographer.  I come from a photographic background: my dad was a photographer for the John Hinde postcard company.  Many of my formative years were spent traipsing around the country to varying locations, only to find myself strategically positioned on a bridge, by a sandcastle or on a donkey – as often as not with a red jumper thrust over my head.

In a moment of indecision that followed my school career and is yet to cease, I decided to start taking pictures and, even worse, study photography.  So it happened that at Salisbury College I achieved a large debt, a fear of pickled eggs and an honours degree. Upon graduation, I moved to London and worked for a major photo library for ten years, where I managed teams digitising stock, before taking the opportunity to go freelance and follow my true desire, travel photography.